Research Center for Engineering Science(RCES)

   The Research Center for Engineering Science(RCES) affiliated to the Graduate School of Engineering and Resource Science in Akita University was established in 2014. Its history goes back to the Research Institute of Underground Resources founded under the Akita Mining College in 1948. The name of the original institute was changed to the Research Institute of Natural Resources in 1986, the Research Institute of Materials and Resources in 1996, and to the Center for Geo-Environmental Science in 2006. These predecessors to RCES made significant contributions to the research on prospecting, exploitation, and utilization of natural resources, and moreover, the development of new functional materials.

   RCES was established to pursue comprehensive research aimed both at making science and engineering on the foundation for realizing a sustainable recycling society and at developing new functional materials and which relate to the global environment realizing harmonious coexistence of nature and human beings.

   Its primary research goals are to:

  1. Clarify the role of material circulation mechanisms in the global system including genesis of mineral resources, and develop environment- friendly sophisticated uses for untapped resources,
  2. Use nature and simulation to design low environmental load material processes and new functions, and
  3. Synergistically interlink between medicine and engineering in the use of emerging nano-functional capabilities.

CGES   RCES’faculty has posts of four professors, four associate professors and a number of foreign and Japanese visiting professors, plus technicians and an office staff. Several post-doctoral researchers and research investigators also contribute to the vigorous research activities. Japanese and foreign students receive training and carry out research at the Center under the guidance of professors in accordance with the master’s and doctoral degree programs.