Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

   The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was established with the aim of nurturing far-sighted and talented students to be fully competent to meet the requirements of today's highly-technological and information-oriented world. Research and instruction are performed based on four main branches : Electric Energy Engineering, Photonic and Electronic Device Engineering, Intelligent Information Communication Engineering, and Control System Engineering. These four areas cover the entire principal fields in the present technological world.

Division Electric Energy Engineering
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Environmental Energy Engineering Study on fundamental characteristics of organic and non-organic electric materials, application of computer engineering including computer graphics, bioelectromagnetism including handling techniques of cells.

Masafumi Suzuki

Measurement and Instrumentation Engineering
Applied Electromagnetic Engineering
Associate Prof.
Seiji Kumagai
Advanced Materials for Electrical Engineering
Mahmudul Kabir
Bio Electromagnetic Engineering
Bioinstrumentation Engineering Study on applications of information technology to biological systems and welfare systems.   Biological Systems Engineering
Power System Engineering Study on high voltage engineering, power systems and fuel cells. Associate Prof.
Masashi Sato
Advanced Electric Power System Engineering
Advanced High Voltage Engineering
Study on theory and applications of quantum phenomena in solid state devices. Prof.
Masaru Onoda
Quantum Physics
Division Photonic and Electronic Device Engineering
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Optical Device Engineering Study on the optical and electronic materials and their application to optoelectronic devices, liquid crystal engineering and application to optical devices. Associate Prof.
Rumiko Yamaguchi
Electronic Display Engineering
Marenori Kawamura
Optical Device Engineering
Electromagnetic Wave Engineering Theoretical and experimental studies of Tera-Hz wave generation and propagation, and applications to electronic devices. Prof.
Toru Kurabayashi
Advanced Electromagnetism
Advanced Electromagnetic Wave Engineering
Electron Device Engineering Study on electronic properties of semiconductors, semiconductor thin films and insulators, and its applications to electron devices. Prof.
Seiji Horiguchi
Advanced Electron Device Engineering
Associate Prof.
Yuichi Sato
Advanced Semiconductor Device
Division Intelligent Information Communication Engineering
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Electronic Application and Electronic Measurement Instrumentation Study on measurements, signal prpcessing and application of electromagnetic compatibility, biomedical and living enviroment using electromagnetism and electronic devices.   Advanced Integrated Information Circuit
Associate Prof.
Motoshi Tanaka
Advanced Communication Engineering
Yoshiki Kayano
Signal Processing Engineering for Measurement
Wave Information Engineering Study on signal analysis and processing in acoustic waves. Prof.
Kazuhiko Imano
Advanced Electroacoustics
Applied Ultrasonic Engineering
Makoto Fukuda
Applied Piezoelectric Device Engineering
Information Communication Engineering Study on high performance broadband communications systems. Prof.
Hitoshi Obara
Information Communication System
Digital Signal Processing Engineering
Division Control System Engineering
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Electronic Control Engineering Application of control engineering and research on electric servo systems.   Applied Control Engineering
Associate Prof.
Takeshi Miura
Advanced Control System Engineering
Electrical Machinery Engineering Study on development and analysis of electromechanical energy conversion systems and its control techniques.   Advanced Power Electronics
Katsubumi Tajima
Advanced Electrical Machinery Engineering
Electromagnetic Energy Conversion
Quantum Control Engineering Study on theory and applications of quantum states control in solid states engineering Associate Prof.
Yasunari Tanuma
Advanced Materials Physics