Department of Earth Science and Technology

  In order to turn out capable engineers for developing mineral and energy resources and utilizing underground space, the department aims to provide students with quality education and research in the following fields: 1) exploration of mineral and energy resources, 2) exploitation and transportation of underground resources, 3) underground environments, 4) utilization of underground space, and 5) prevention measures for disasters caused by earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruption. Furthermore, the department aims to create sophisticated engineers who can work internationally in the survey and development of natural resources that exist unevenly throughout the earth, and who can join in mining projects with international collaboration.

  The research organization of the department has two divisions called Applied Earth Science and Geo-Engineering in order to achieve the above-mentioned objects.

  The Division of Applied Earth Science focuses on fundamental earth science and its applications in such areas as exploration of mineral and energy resources, environmental issues, and prevention of natural disasters.

  The Division of Geo-Engineering covers the fields of Water Resource and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Rock Mechanics, Petroleum and Geothermal Engineering, and Resource System Engineering.

Division Applied Earth Sciences
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Energy Geology Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Micropaleontology, Historical Geology and Paleoenvironments as a basis for the Genesis, and Exploration of Energy resources such as Petroleum, Coal and Natural Gas Prof.
Tokiyuki Sato
Advanced Energy
Associate Prof.
Makoto Yamasaki
Applied Micropaleontology
Quaternary Geology Quaternary and Environmental Geology, especially based on Sedimentology, Tephrochronology, and Geomorphology   Advanced Quaternary Science
Sedimentology Modes of sediment transportation and formations of sedimentary eayer Prof.
Takashi Uchida
Applied Sedimentology
Economic Geology Geological and physicochemical approaches to Ore Genesis, especially on Igneous Activities, Hydrothermal Processes and Mineralization,and on Methodology of Mineral Exploration Prof.
Akira Imai
Advanced Economic Geology
  Resource Mineralogy
Petrology Petrogenesis and Isotopic Age Determination on Plutonic and Volcanic Rocks in Orogenic Belts and other continental regions, and Disaster Prevention Geology based on the Petrological point of view Prof.
Tsukasa Ohda
Advanced Petrology II
Associate Prof.
Masatsugu Yamamoto
Advanced Petrology I
Hideki Murakami
Advanced Mineralogy of Rock-forming Minerals
  Applied Geology
Applied Geophysics Theoretical and observational research for the Geological and other Subsurface Interpretation by processing Geophysical Data such as Seismic Waves and Electromagnetic and Gravity Fields Prof.
Tadashi Nishitani *2
Advanced Applied Geophysics I
Advanced Applied Geophysics III
Associate Prof.
Tomoki Tsutsui
Advanced Applied Geophysics II
Stratigraphy and Volcanic Stratigraphy Stratigraphy of the Cenozoic Volcanic Sequences in the northeast Honshu arc, Japan, and Tectonics of the Earth's Crust   Advanced Structural Geology I
Osamu Nishikawa
Advanced Structural Geology II
  Green-tuff Geology
Geothermal Geology Geological and Geochemical Applications to Geothermal Resource Exploration and Genesis, especially based on Alteration Mineralogy, Age Determination and Remote Sensing   Geothermal Geology
Geochemistry Circulation of Geochemical Materials through the Surface and Interior of the Earth, especially Water and Gas Circulation based on Isotopic Analyses Prof.
Daizo Ishiyama
Advanced Geochemistry I

Associate Prof.
Tohru Sugawara

Advanced Geochemistry II

Associate Prof.
Yasumasa Ogawa

Advanced Geochemistry III
Division Geo-Engineering
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Studies on Advanced Water Resources and Waste Water Treatment Prof.
Takaho Otomo *1
Advanced Waste Water Treatment
Engineering Rock Mechanics Basics and Application of Rock Mechanics for Excavation Prof.
Fumio Sugimoto *1
Advanced Rock Engineering
Numerical Analysis for Resource Development
Tadao Imai
Mechanics for Geological Disasters
Petroleum and Geothermal Engineering Theoretical and Applied Studies on the Development of Fluid Energy Resources, such as Petroleum, Natural Gas, Geothermal and Ground Water Prof.
Hikari Fujii
Advanced Reservoir Engineering
Advanced Geothermal Engineering
Resource Systems Engineering Transportation Technology and Systems Engineering for Mineral Resources   Transportation Technology in Mine Design
Advanced Design Engineering of Systems for Mineral Transportation
Advanced Prospect Technology of Mineral Resources

*1 This professor will retire by mandatory retirement regulation in March 2015.
*2 This professor will retire by mandatory retirement regulation in March 2016.