Department of Materials Science and Engineering

   In order to invent the seeds of a new industry and to succeed in the breakthrough of engineering reformation, the development of newly advanced materials is indispensable. The development of materials related to energy such as a superconducting material and such intelligent materials as sensors and information-recording mediums are especially necessary. In order to respond to today's demands, this department educates students who have wide knowledge in materials science and engineering, as well as abilities in the development of advanced materials, and understanding in the material industry of the present situation.

   With this in mind, our department has four divisions : Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Intelligent Materials, Advanced Materials for Energy, and  Materials Processing and Development.

Division Materials Science
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Physical Makeup of Materials Characterization of the lattice defect and its effect on physical properties in materials

Kaichi Saito

Advanced Physics of Materials
Crystal Engineering Optical properties and Structure of Functional Crystalline Materials Prof.
Nobuhiro Kodama
Properties of Crystalline Solids
Characterization of phenomenon concerning about electron and photon in molecular structure and their assembly Lecturer
Yutaka Tsujiuchi
Thin Film
Fabrication and evaluation of thin film materials and their application Associate Prof.
Satoru Yoshimura
Physical Properties of
Thin Film Materials
Division Functional Materials
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Physics of Intelligent Materials Physical properties of magnetic materials and their application Prof.
Shunji Ishio *2
Physical Properties of Magnetic Materials
Surface and Interface Engineering Processing and Evaluation for Appearance of Intelligent Function at Surface and Interface of Materials Prof.
Motoi Hara
Surface and Interface Engineering
Advanced Electronic Materials Physical properties and their Application of advanced electronic materials Prof.
Hitoshi Saito
Advanced Lecture of Electronic Materials
Material Design Research and Education of Materials Design and its Applications Based on the Moleculer Orbital Method Associate Prof.
Yoshiyuki Sato
Intelligent Material Design
Chemically Functional Materials Chemical and electrochemical properties of materials and their application Lecturer
Akihiro Nino
Advanced Chemistry of Functional Materials
Surface Modification Modifying Process for the Functional Surface of Materials Lecturer
Michihisa Fukumoto
Surface Modification
Division Advanced Materials for Energy
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Ceramic Materials Chemical, mechanical and electrical properties of ceramics and their application to energy generation and use Prof.
Hitoshi Taimatsu
Advanced Ceramic Materials
Energy Chemistry of Materials Research and education on the development of functional chemical materials for energy transformation/storage and industrial electrolytic processing Prof.
Masami Taguchi
Advanced Energy Chemistry of Materials
Advanced Functional Materials Materials Design, Functional Properties and Applications of Shape Memory Alloys, Damping Alloys and Super-conducting Materials   Advanced Course of Functional Materials
Engineering of
Inorganic Materials
Fabrication processes, Microstructural control and Evaluation of inorganic Materials via powder processes Prof.
Shigeo Hayashi
Design of Inorganic
Division Materials Processing
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Solidification Processing Education and Research on Solidification Processing and Application of Manufactured Composite Materials and Structural Controlled Multi-phase Alloys Prof. Setsuo Aso Advanced Solidification Processing
Microstructure Design of Materials Education and Research on Numerical Simulation for Structure Formation Prof.
Ken-ichi Ohsasa
Microstructure Design of Materials
Structural Materials Deformation Mechanism, Strengthing Method and Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Materials, including Their Application for Manufacturing Processes in High Strength Structural Materials Lecturer
Yukinobu Natsume
Physics of Strength for Structural Materials
Composite Materials Evaluation of Structure and Mechanical Properties and Material Design for Plastic Base, Metal Base and Ceramic Base Composites Associate Prof.
Ken-ichi Ohguchi
Advanced Composite Materials

*2 This professor will retire by the mandatory retirement regulation in March 2016.