1910 Akita Mining College
1949  Akita University
 Mining College
   Department of Mining Engineering
   Institute of Mining Geology
   Department of Metallurgy
   Department of Fuel Chemistry
   Department of Mechanical Engineering
   Department of Electrical Engineering
1950  Research Institute of Underground Resources
1954  Advanced Course of Mining (~1965)
1965  Mineral Industry Museum
 Graduate School of Mining and Engineering(Master's Degree Program)
1966    Department of Civil Engineering
1967    Department of Metallic Engineering for Materials
1973    Department of Electronic Engineering
1977    Department of Mechanical Engineering for Production
1981    Department of Chemical Engineering for Resources
1990  Remodeled
   Department of Geoscience, Mining Engineering and Materials Processing
   Department of Materials Engineering and Applied Chemistry
   Department of Computer Science and Engineering
1991  Remodeled
   Department of Mechanical Engineering
   Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
   Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
1994  Graduate School of Mining and Engineering  (Doctor's Degree Program)
1998  Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science
2002  Graduate School of Engineering and Resource Science
2004  Innovation Center for Engineering Design and Manufacturing
2006  Research Center for Potential Development of Disaster Prevention (PDDP)
2006  Center for Geo-environmental Science(CGES)
2007  International Doctoral Courses in English
2008  Remodeled
   Department of Engineering in Applied Chemistry
   Department of Life Science
2008  MOT (Management of Technology) Course Education Program
2009  Donated-Division of Recycling Processing
2010  Reorganization of all the professor's affiliations from "Faculty" to "Graduate School"
2011  100th anniversary celebration ceremony

 Master's Degree Program
 Department of Applied Chemistry
 Department of Life Science
 Cooperative Major in Life Cycle Design Engineering
 100th anniversary holl
 Specialized education course "New Frontier Leaders on Resource"


 Faculty of Engineering Science
 Doctor’s Degree Program
 Department of Life Science
 Research Center for Engineering Science (RCES)
 Mineral Industry Museum to Faculty of International Resource Sciences