Admission Requirements and other Information

1.Admission Requirements

   The minimum admission requirements for international students are as follows :

(1) As a regular degree-seeking student or special student or as an auditor at the undergraduate level :

1) A satisfactory completion of twelve years of formal school education.

2) An acceptable score on the required entrance examination (for admission as a regular student).

(2) As a regular degree-seeking student or special student or as an auditor at the graduate level :

1) A satisfactory completion of sixteen years of formal school education.

2) An acceptable score on the required entrance examination (for admission as a regular student).

   Since instruction and entrance examinations are given in Japanese, it is essential that the applicant should have acquired sufficient all-round proficiency in the Japanese Language.


   You must present your passport and the admission certificate from the concerned university to the Embassy, or Consulate or any other representative of Japan in your country, and obtain a valid visa for engaging in academic activities in Japan. You will be asked who is to be your guarantor for your stay in Japan and to be listed as such in your visa. Your guarantor has to be a Japanese citizen living in Japan.

   Be sure to allow plenty of time to complete the procedures and receive your passport well in advance of your planned departure.

3.Admission of Transfer

   When there is a mutual agreement between the academic institution you are now attending and Akita University, it will be easier for you to transfer to Akita University. We are interested in establishing affiliations with universities and other higher educational institutions abroad, and in establishing agreements on the International Student Exchange Program.

   Please inform your adviser of this program and our wish. Our mutual agreement will make it possible for the credits you have earned at Akita University to be transferred to your home university.

4.Living Expenses

   The minimum cost of living generally ranges from 80,000 yen to 100,000 yen per month.

   For tuition and fees, see this page.

5.Activities of International Students

   If you come to Japan for study and research, your activities in Japan are restricted to the ones related to your study under the Immigration Laws. If you wish to work for profit, you must apply for permission to the Immigration Office and Akita University. If you engage in activities outside of your visa status without obtaining such permission, you will be penalized.

6.Extension of Period of Stay

   As a student, you are permitted to stay one or two years ; however, you must apply for extension. For extension, you are required to apply in person to the Immigration Office, at least 20 days prior to the expiration of the period.


   The International Student House and International exchanging House provide housing for foreign students in Akita University. The International Student House is designed to provide conditions conducive to academic achievement, at the same time affording facilities to help.students in their intercultural understanding. The ferro-concrete three-story House contains 27 rooms for single students and 3 rooms for married students. Each room has a bed, a bathroom, draperies, a desk with adequate study lighting, a wastebasket, a table, chairs, and closet space. Room fees are 5,900 yen per month for singles and 9,500 yen for married students, subject to change. Students pay for gas, water and electricity.

   International exchanging House is also available for students from aboard by cheaper rental rate.

   For private rooms and apartments, see this page.

   If you have dependents, it is advisable to come to Japan alone first and not to bring them over until suitable accommodation has been found

8.Japanese Language Learning

   Since all instruction is given in Japanese in Akita University, foreign applicants must be able to read, speak and write Japanese with sufficient proficiency to pursue full-time programs of study in competition with Japanese students in classes. Although a special Japanese language course is offered in the University for international students, it is most advisable for you to apply for admission to Akita University after you have completed a Japanese language program at one of the Japanese Language Institutions.