Correspondence Education Program


   The correspondence education program at Akita University was originally initiated in 1947. Pioneered by Akita University, this program is the first in the history of Japanese education system. Officially, the courses of the Mining Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering started on March 1, 1948. The program offered continuous education for workers in order to develop their knowledge and skills. About one thousand and seven hundred graduates of the correspondence education program contributed to the advances of the industrial fields in Japan.


   The program consists of the following courses. Each course is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.

  1. Earth Science
  2. Mining and Excavation Engineering
  3. Fundamental Material Engineering
  4. Materials Engineering
  5. Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  6. Electrical Engineering
  7. Electronic Engineering
  8. General Science and Technology


   Applicants interested in this program should clearly indicate the course they wish to take it. Eighteen-year-old and above students are not required to provide credits from previous working or/and education institutions. No deadlines are set for enrolment in this program. After registration in the correspondence education program, students should receive satisfactory standing required for admission certificate within a year.

   For further inquires and informations, please contact : tel. 81-18-889-2315.