Department of Applied Chemistry

Creation of a high quality environment through advanced research and development of industrial resources and materials for the future.

— Our department trains specialists concerned with quality of the human environment —

   Today, we have access to many useful materials, which are developed by advanced technology and material science. Our daily life is becoming more convenient and comfortable than the past one. Unfortunately, we also have some serious problems of by-products as a result of modern industrial society. These include soot, air and water pollution, green-house gas emissions affecting global warming, which become one of the biggest problems facing our society.

   Our department is mainly geared for education and research on the high quality utilization of natural resources and future substances in order to bring about a desirable and abundant creative environment. The following is the contents of our education and research topics in some detail.

  1. Sustainable utilization of mineral resources, appropriate recycling of wastes, and management of energy and environment.
  2. Development of new functional materials, such as electroceramics, bio-related materials and environmental catalysts.
  3. Development and analysis of chemical processes favorable to the environment.

   The field is based on chemistry, with application areas as well as basic ones. The Department of Applied Chemistry was established to give specialized and well-equipped education to students for advanced training and research, especially in its application to industry. Freshman and sophomore students concentrate on fundamental subjects, while junior students study special subjects on the applied chemistry. The seniors students belong to the laboratories, depending on their interests and background.

   Our department provides a program for studying the fundamentals and application of the process analysis for the production of various industrial materials with a high quality utilization of natural resources. It is composed of two research divisions :


  1. Division of Molecular Chemistry
    • Functional Polymer Chemistry
    • Functional Surface Chemistry
    • Applied Physical Chemistry
    • Inorganic Materials Chemistry
  2. Division of Chemical Engineering
    • Material Processing and Recycling
    • Chemical Process Engineering and Design
    • Energy Chemical Engineering
    • Bioprocess Engineering

   We would like to say that the Department of Applied Chemistry has in mind our future environment seriously. We aim to develop new technologies, which are in harmony with the environment. Students who like either chemistry or physics and are also good at mathematics, can study subjects which they have interests in. When completing the program, students graduate as chemical engineers. They know how to control environmental affairs through their speciality. After graduation, students who wish to study further can go on to graduate school majoring engineering in applied chemistry

Experiment on waste water treatments by UV system

Experiment on waste water treatments by UV system

The laboratory seminar by seniors students

The laboratory seminar by seniors students