Department of Life Science

   The department of Life Science has been established in 2008 as eighth department of Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University. The department is unique and covers a variety of fields from fundamental life science such as molecular biology and cell biology to engineering related to drugs and sensor-tip such as applications of biology and chemistry.

   There are nine academic and two technical staff members in this department. Our department provides a program for studying the fundamentals and application of the life science. The department is mainly geared for education and research on the high quality development and utilization of bio-molecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins in the cells. The study on advanced life science such as organic chemistry and analytical chemistry are also very important in the department.

   A Bachelor of Engineering degree or Science degree is granted to 32 students annually.

Interactions between DNA and drugs Mmmlian cells
Interactions between DNA and drugs Mmmlian cells

Our department is composed from four research divisions:

  1. Division of Molecular and Cellular Biology
  2. Division of Organic and Analytical Chemistry
 Synthesis of organic chemistry/Analysis of bio-molecules
Synthesis of organic chemistry Analysis of bio-molecules
 Analysis of cultured cells/Treatment of cultured cells
Analysis of cultured cells Treatment of cultured cells