Department of Materials Science and Engineering

   Materials are the base of all modern science and technology. We can't make any welldesigned industrial products without knowing the correct structure and properties of materials. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering supports today's progress in science and technology.

   The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is established for studying and teaching physics, chemistry and technology of materials such as metals, semiconductors and ceramics. In the Department, research is carried out on advanced functional materials, such as solid oxide fuel cells, superconducting materials, high density magnetic recording materials etc., which are considered to support the next technology of energy generation and electronics for information. The study on advanced structural materials such as alloys, intermetallics, ceramics and their composites for space-craft materials and earthquake-proof skyscrapers, etc. are also important in this Department.

   The Department is composed of four divisions: Division of Materials Science, Division of Functional Materials, Division of Advanced Materials for Energy, and Division of Materials Processing. These divisions offer the following major subjects: Physics of Materials, Chemistry of Materials, Structure of Materials, Solid Structural Chemistry, Physics of Intelligent Materials, Chemistry of Intelligent Materials, Advanced Surface Science, Electronic
Materials, Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion, Inorganic Functional Materials, Reaction Control, Strengthening Methods for Structural Materials, Materials Processing, Chemical Processing of Materials, Solidification Processing, Introduction to Quantum Theory, Electromagnetics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, Exercise for Materials Engineering, Materials Engineering Laboratory, Regional Industries and Institutes for Materials, and Internship.

   When completing the class, students leave the department as material engineers. After graduation, students who wish to continue their study through research on materials science and engineering can go on to graduate school (master's and doctor's degree programs).

Experimental apparatus for characterization of advanced materials

Experimental apparatus for characterization of advanced materials