Department of Life Science

 After decoding full human genomic DNA sequence, research in the field of the life science, such as specification of various disease oriented genes, design and development of new medicines has been greatly developed. The department of Life Science is comprised of one division: Life Science. This department provides outstanding education and research training related to the following diverse subjects by combining Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Molecular Cell Biology. The department aims to train researchers and scientists who contribute to establish sustainable society in the world.

Division of Life Science

 More specifically, our aims can be described as follows (Please see the next Table).


Division Life Science
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Chemistry and Chemical Biology Analytical and Environmental Chemistry for Acid Rain and Fog, and for the Reaction Mechanism at the Liquid Interface and/or at the Electrode.

Nobuaki Ogawa *2
Analytical Solution
Structural Biology of enzyme reaction mechanisms, Biochemical characterization, and medical and/or industrial applications of protein nanocompartments. Prof.
Masafumi Odaka

Advanced Bioanalytical
Computational design of photofunctional molecular devices. Associate Prof.
Yoshiaki Amatatsu
Computational chemistry
for molecular design
Development of nanotechnology oriented bioelectrochemical devices. Associate Prof.
Uichi Akiba
Exploiting sensing techniques for biomolecules and biological cells. Associate Prof.
Kazuhiko Fujiwara
Analytical Chemistry
Studies on synthesis and characterization of new functional materials based on macrocyclic compounds. Lecturer
Yoshihiko Kondo
Chemistry for
Life Science
Molecular Biology Studies on Protein Folding Mechanism of Newly Syntesized Polypeptide by the Molecular Chaperone. Prof.
Hideaki Itoh
Advanced of Molecular
Study of molecular maturation and quality control of proteins in living cells. Toxicity of aggregation prone proteins in neurodegenerative disease. Prof.
Hiroshi Kubota
Molecular Biology of
Cellular Function
Studies on the pathogenesis of kidney diseases and autoimmune diseases. Prof.
Hideki Wakui
Molecular Biology of Diseases
Erythropoiesis, functional structure of membrane skeleton, and biochemical adaptation in animal evolution. Associate Prof.
Wataru Nunomura

Biology of Molecular
Evolutionary Medicine

*2 This professor will retire by the mandatory retirement regulation in March 2016.