Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

   Civil and Environmental Engineering is a research area which deals with the improvement of the environment of human habitation and its infrastructure by creating new structures and facilities. In the present day, these structures and facilities must be adjusted to the needs of social activities; this is especially so when it comes to the welfare of an aging population. And they must be harmonized with the natural environment. In addition to this, where possible, infrastructure must prevent accidents in the case of natural disasters such as earthquake, landslide, tsunami, typhoon, storm surge, flood, and so on.

   The main structures and facilities which are dealt with in Civil and Environmental Engineering are as follows:

Main Structures and Facilities in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Structure Bridge,Tunnel,Embankment,Breakwater and Dam
Water channel and facility for prevention of disaster River,Coast,Sand Arrestation,Park,Green Zone,and Refuge Place
Transportation and traffic facility Road,Railway,Port and Harbor,and Airport
Supply and disposal facility Supply System of Water,Electricity and Gas,and Sewage
Communication facility Cable Ditch and Pipe Line
Power plant Thermal,Water,Atomic and Geothermal Power Plants

   The field of Civil and Environmental Engineering is broad. It includes planning, design, execution of works, practical use, repair and maintenance and control of the structures and facilities.

   The Department has three divisions: Welfare Environment Engineering for Regional Science, Structural and Material Engineering and Regional Environmental Engineering. The main subjects offered by each division are as follows:

1) Division of Welfare Environment Engineering

   Ergonomic Design, Urban System Engineering for Welfare, Transportation System Planning, Environment Engineering for Human Habitation, Water Environmental Design, Ethics for Welfare and Environment

2) Division of Structures and Materials Engineering

   Structural Mechanics, Echo-Material Engineering, Structural Design, Composite Structural Engineering, Structural Aesthetics, Maintenance and Control Engineering, and Construction Management.

3) Division of Regional Environment Engineering

   Soil Engineering, Hydraulics, Disaster Prevention Geotechnical Engineering, River Engineering, Coastal and Ocean Engineering.

 Survey of Traffic Condition  Bridge Linking Shikoku with Honshu
Survey of Traffic Condition Bridge Linking Shikoku with Honshu