Department of Computer Science and Engineering

 The Department of Computer Science and Engineering consists of two divisions: Information Technology and Mathematical Science. The department provides education and research on the technologies of computer systems and mathematical science. They include network and computer systems engineering, image information systems engineering, human support technology and mathematical engineering, which also consist of industrial information processing, remote sensing, biological information processing, speech and character information processing, human computer interaction technology, cryptology, infomation security, processing of physical properties analysis, geometry and topology of graphics, and mathematical engineering. Due to the recent remarkable progress in the technologies of information system networking and their applications, it is expected that in the 21st century the social life style will be changed on a large scale. This department will also timely introduce new programs for education and research concerning the technologies of newly appearing information communication system networks and their new various applications.

Division Information Technology
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Image Information
System Engineering
Analysis and Algorithms of Remote Sensing Data, Image Information Applications, and Information Security System Prof.
Makoto Nishida
Image Information
Yoichi Kageyama
Remote Sensing
Chikako Ishizawa
Security System
Human Support
Human Computer Interaction Technology for Medical and Welfare Application Prof.
Kazutaka Mitobe
Sensory Information

Digital System
Digital Signals, Systems, and Application to Stochastic Processes Prof.
Ryuji Igarashi
Digital Signal
System and Network
Traffic Engineering, Application Layer Flow Control and Network Topology Design Associate Prof.
Masashi Hashimoto
Advanced Information
Network Technologies
Network and
Computer System
Information Network System and Highly Reliable Computing System Lecturer
Hiroshi Yokoyama
Advanced Logic
Circuit Design
Division Mathematical Science
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Mathematical Engineering Cryptology, Information Security, Algorithmic Problems in Algebraic Systems, Inverse problems and Applications of Geometry Prof.
Akihiro Yamamura
Information and Computation
Hajime Kawakami
Data analysis
Yasuharu Nakae

Topics in
Computational Topology
Electron Tunneling Phenomena in Solids and Optical and Electrical Properties in Layered Compounds Associate Prof.
Kunihiko Yamaguchi
Fundamentals of Applied Condensed Matter Physics
Geometry and Topology of Graphics (GTG) Eigenspace Method in Graphics Computer Aided Geometric Design, Shape Detection by Inverse Mappings and Group Actions Associate Prof.
Mahito Kobayashi
Topics in Computer Vision