Department of Applied Chemistry

  The courses offered in this department cover a wide range of science and engineering relevant to development, regeneration and application of new functional materials, the effective utilization of chemical energy, and the utilization of bio-systems. It includes fundamentals and a wide range of applications in chemistry, resources engineering and physics as they relate to materials.  We aim at the development of newly advanced technologies which are in harmony with the environment. To realize our purpose, two divisions provide training for students to become sharpened engineers in each research field.

  1. Division of Molecular Chemistry
  2. Division of Chemical Engineering


Division Molecular Chemistry
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Chemistry of Organic Materials Synthesis and Properties of organic Functional Materials Prof.
Mitsutoshi Jikei
Functional Organic Materials
Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Advanced Functional Polymers Lecturer
Kazuya Matsumoto
Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
Applied Physical Chemistry Design and Application of Environmental Advanced Materials from the Viewpoint of Physical Chemistry Prof.
Kenji Murakami
Advanced Surface Chemistry
Associate prof.
Kiyoshi Fuda
Advanced Engineering Physical Chemistry
Inorganic Materials Chemistry Molecular Design through Synthesis, Characterization, Investigation into Function Expression, and Practical Evaluation of Inorganic Advanced Materials such as Porous Materials, Catalytic Materials and Ceramics   Molecular Engineering
Associate Prof.
Sumio Kato
Properties of Inorganic materials
Masataka Ogasawara
Advanced Characterization of Inorganic Materials
Functional Surface Chemistry Surface Processes for Environments and for a Production of Value-added Materials with Specific Functions Prof.
Takayoshi Shindo
Advanced Chemistry of Organic Resources
Yukihiko Inoue
Chemistry of Polymer Functionalities
Supramolecular Advanced Chemistry Development of Supramolecular Assembly Based on Macrocyclic Molecules by Solid and Solution Chemistry Prof.
Fumio Hamada *1
Advanced Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Division  Chemical Engineering
Field of Instruction and Research Quality Faculty Member Instruction Subject
Mineral Processing and Recycling Technology of Mineral Processing and Recycle Process including Minerals and Wastes, and wastewater treatment and soil remediation Prof.
Atsushi Shibayama
Resource Processing and Engineering
Chemical Process Engineering and Design Basics and Application of Reactor Design and Operation to Realize Chemical Reactions in Industrial Scale  Prof.
Kenzo Munakata
Advanced Reaction Engineering
Environmental Energy Engineering Process Design of Heterogeneous Reaction Including Solids with Due Consideration of Efficient Utilization of Energy and Resources Prof.
Katsuyasu Sugawara
Advanced Energy Chemical Engineering
  Advanced Surface Chemistry
Hirokazu Okawa
Advanced Electro Chemistry
Bioprocess Engineering The Design and Development of Chemical and Biochemical Processes and Related Equipment Prof.
Takeshi Gotoh
Advanced Biochemical Engineering
Associate Prof.
Hiroshi Takahashi
Advanced Chemical Process Design

*1 This professor will retire by the mandatory retirement regulation in March 2015.